Research On Women’s Plus Size Bras – An Uplifting Arrangement

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Bras. Lots of us love to hate them. But, most of us wouldn’t dream of leaving home braless. And, when we’re shopping for a new style and find THE right one? Well…we look fabulous and love what is does for us.

Whether you’re looking for a comfy bra to lounge in, the newest sports bra, or something drop-dead sexy, your perfect plus size bra is waiting for you to take her home.

A Little History

Did you see the article about the bras that they found in a castle in Austria? Back in 2008, an archaeological team was digging though rubble and came across four bras. They date back to the 15th century!

They were made of linen and a linen and cotton blend, and look amazingly modern. The folks at the site were stunned. People didn’t think bras were available until the 20th century.

But, we have to go lots further back in history and visit Classical Greece to find the forerunners of today’s bras.

The experts now think the path to the modern bra has gone from Greece, where women wore woolen or linen breast bands, to Roman mamillare, which were the Roman version of the Greek breast band, to bras like the 15th century Austrian models, to corsets, and back again to bras.

Statue of Aphrodite

Aphrodite would be jealous of the bra choices we have today. Let’s look at a few of them.

Underwires and Wireless

Did you know that one of the first underwire bras was designed by Howard Hughes? It’s true. The actress Jane Russell was starring in one of his films and he was going for a very specific look for her character.

He engineered a bra that would lift and separate her breasts, and the rest is history.


Lifting and separating is the job of an underwire bra. They also excel at providing support. When trying on a new underwire bra, spend a little time in the fitting room.

If the wire on the underarm side is poking into your breast, try a larger size. If the wires are poking into your underarms, you need something smaller. Either a smaller cup or smaller wires.

Lacy bras
Woman organizing bras and underwear in drawer


Some of us just don’t like, or choose not to wear underwires. Most women find wireless bras more comfortable. There may be health benefits to foregoing the wires, too.

There are plenty of wireless options if you fit into this category of bra shopper. When choosing your wireless bra, one way to make sure you’re getting the correct size is to jump up and down.  Really.

If your breasts stay in the cups, you’re set. If they look like they’re going to jump out, the bra is probably too large. On the other hand, if you see jiggling at the top of the cups, you need to try the next size up.


There are a couple of things to keep in mind when shopping for a strapless bra. Without straps, the band is the only thing holding your bra up. If it doesn’t stay in place, you will be uncomfortable and constantly adjusting it.
Like the test for a wireless bra, give it the jumping up and down test. If it stays in place and your breasts aren’t spilling out, you’re on your way to a perfectly fitting strapless bra.

Many strapless bras feature silicone-lined bands. If you have sensitivities to silicone, it’s best to find a style that is silicone-free. If you don’t have sensitivities, be sure not to get powder, lotion, or deodorant in the band area. It could cause slipping of a perfectly fitting bra.

Sport Bras

Sports bras have a fun history. We only have to go back to 1977. Lisa Lindahl and Polly Smith are credited with designing the first general purpose exercise bra.

They created it from two men’s jock straps and orginally called it the Jockbra.  it was later known as the Jogbra.  Women who wear sports bras today are the beneficiaries of some amazing research and science.

There are two types of sport bras to choose from: compression and encapsulation. The encapsulation style is a better choice for larger-breasted women.

According to an online article in Fitness, women tend to choose a sports bra with a larger band than they need and too-small cups. For a sport bra to perform at it’s best for you, go with a smaller, more supportive band and a larger cup size.

The Fitness article also suggested that women with larger breasts choose a sports bra with a back clasp instead of a pull-on.   This will help in adjusting for a perfect band fit.  They also advised that you opt for a style with wide shoulder straps.


Bralettes are a fairly new fashion trend and come in two specific styles.  You can choose from feminine or very basic designs.  Bralettes are meant to be ultra comfortable. As a result, most come without padding or wires.
Although you can certainly wear a bralette as a bra, they are meant to be seen. With that in mind, Bare Necessities suggests that you may want to wear an underwire bra under your bralette. If you don’t like that option, they suggest that you choose molded, double-layer, or mesh-lined cups.


There’s no doubt about it, bras are here to stay. And, compared to women of other decades, we have an amazingly broad selection of styles, fabrics, colors and designs. That’s why, depending on which survey you read, the average woman owns between 8 and 16 bras.

And why not. You need different types of bras for your varied and very busy lifestyle. An evening out in your most amazing dress with a special someone calls for a bra that lifts, separates and accents your breasts, whether it has straps or not.

Mornings at the gym may dictate an encapsulation-style sports bra with a close-fitting band and wide straps.

And a weekend at the cabin or strolling in town may be the perfect time to put on your cutest bralette and flaunt your assets. After all, you’ve got one of the best role-models in history to emulate.

The Greeks knew her as Aphrodite. You may know her better by her Roman name…Venus. Wearing a well-fitting bra from today’s options should make you feel and look like a goddess.

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