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If you thought you couldn’t find sexy lingerie for plus size women, it’s time to discover a brand new world. You can find beautiful bras, corsets, costume lingerie and bridal lingerie in your size. This beautiful lingerie comes in a wide range of styles that will fit you and make you feel great.

Stop being let down by traditional retailers that don’t carry your size and poorly-made straps that don’t stay up. This lingerie is made for you. It’s designed to make you look alluring and to fit perfectly. It stays on through all your activities and keeps you looking sexy all night long. You can enjoy it for special occasions or just because it makes you feel great.

Why You Need Some Sexy Plus Size Lingerie

If you want to instantly ramp up your love life, give a little jolt to both of you with some lingerie that shows off all your best features and makes you feel like queen for a day (or night).

Beautiful lingerie is a great way to feel good about yourself. Sure, those granny panties and sensible bra might be comfortable, but once in a while it’s great to discover that sexy, seductive side of yourself. Break out the sexy lingerie whenever you need a reminder of how gorgeous you are.

Every once in a while, it’s fun to shake things up. Nothing does that like a set of racy, hot lingerie. Now that you can find it in your size and style, there is no reason to deny yourself a moment longer.

Benefits of Buying from Specialty Retailers

As you may have discovered, it’s not easy to find beautiful lingerie in your size. You might have found some at a regular store, only to discover that they were out of your size. Maybe you tried a traditional retailer and discovered that the items were limited in selection.

Buying from stores and manufacturers that specialize in plus sizes is a better bet. Plus size lingerie makers focus on the particular needs of plus size women and you’ll find a lot of great features in these undergarments.

  • Underwiring and lift in the bra tops.
  • Wide, soft bra straps that stay on and don’t bind.
  • Back-smoothing styles that support and hold.
  • Details that add support, shaping and hold.
  • Flattering colors and fabrics designed for the plus size woman.
  • Excellent sizing guides that work for you.
  • Personalized customer service and in-home delivery.

Choose Your Sexy

When you’re buying plus size lingerie, you’ll be amazed at the range of styles available to you.

Teddies and camisole sets. Get a fun, flirtatious look by slipping on a slinky teddy. Teddies and camisole sets are great for sleeping and lounging, too.

Corsets. Give yourself a nice small waist and lots of bust enhancement with a corset. These are available in traditional styles as well as more daring, modern ones. You can wear a corset on its own or as part of an outfit.

Garter belts. The classic sexy lingerie, garter belts come in a wide variety of styles and colors. Plus size lingerie sellers will also sell the stockings to attach to them. Choose fishnets, stiped or traditional looks to complete your outfit. Some corsets and teddies also come with garter attachments.

Gowns and chemises. Go for glamour in a gown or chemise with a matching robe. This is all you need for elegant lounging or a night of fun.

Shapewear. You can also buy shapewear that makes you look good whether you’re wearing clothes or not. This sexy shapewear is designed to smooth you out while looking great.

Costume lingerie. If you’re looking for something related to a holiday or a fun way to engage in role play, you’ll find it among the plus size lingerie offerings. Have fun playing dress-up in your choice and your size.

Buying Sexy Lingerie for Plus Size Women

Many plus size retailers are now selling lingerie that suits your need for beautiful lingerie. But there are some disadvantages to brick-and-mortar shops. The selection and size may be limited and many of them cap out at a certain size.

You might do better shopping online. Buying plus size undergarments online has several advantages.

  • Selection. Unlike traditional retail stores, online retailers offer a huge selection of sexy lingerie plus size styles. You can find everything from the demure and elegant to the outlandish and racy.
  • Sizes. Many traditional plus size stores only go up to a certain size, usually 3X. And you’re lucky to find anything left in those sizes by the time you discover it. Avoid the disappointment. Online sellers frequently offer sexy lingerie that goes up to sizes 5X and beyond.
  • Privacy. Nobody needs to know what you’re shopping for when you can do it online, discreetly and securely.
  • Quality. If you shop with a retailer that specializes in sexy lingerie for plus size women, you’ll find items of excellent quality from trusted manufacturers.

Delivery. Discreet home delivery lets you receive packages at home and try everything on in the comfort of your own home

Special Occasion Plus Size Lingerie

You don’t need to wait for a special occasion to wear sexy lingerie plus size. But there are some special holidays when you might want to amp up your underwear game. You can find these outfits in a wide range of sizes and styles that are guaranteed to light up your special days and nights.

  • Valentine’s Day. Celebrate your love life with pink or red lingerie. Don’t forget ruffles, bows and heart prints for all-out romance and girliness.
  • Halloween. If Halloween brings out the devil, witch or cute kitty cat in you, play it up for all it’s worth in sexy plus size Halloween looks. You can find sexy maid outfits, slinky cats, seductive witches, naughty nurses, bad cops and all the rest of the merry Halloween tribe. Get ready to trick or treat in style!
  • Wedding. Sexy bridal lingerie is available to turn up the heat on your honeymoon. You can wear pure white, lacy ensembles, elegant gowns or a more daring look.
  • Christmas. Celebrate the season of giving by giving you and your partner a sexy Christmas look. Play Santa’s little helper or deck yourself out in holiday red. Don’t forget your sexy stockings.
  • Anniversaries. Keep your romance hot every anniversary with a new set of plus size lingerie that makes you both feel great.

Role play. If you both enjoy acting out scenes from historical romances, turn-of-the-century bordellos, favorite movies or other scenes, step into costume lingerie that lets you play all night long.

Gift Buying Guide for Plus Size Lingerie

Are you a man who likes buying lingerie for the plus-size beauty in your life? If so, follow these tips to get your gift-giving just right.

1. Know her size. This is a big one. Most women love getting clothing or lingerie as gifts, but all of them hate it if the gift is the wrong size. It’s easy to do this if you don’t know. Just check the size on a piece of lingerie that fits her well and that she enjoys wearing. Better yet, just ask.

2. Know her style. Don’t buy her something in red if she hates wearing red. While it can be fun to break out of your personal style, some women might need a little coaxing, especially if you buy something that you’d like to see her in. Let her know that you think she’d look amazing in it. If she tries it on and models it for you, tell her how great she looks.

3. Have some fun. Don’t just hand her the lingerie in a bag. Make it an event. Pour the champagne or sparkling cider and present the gift to her. A beautifully wrapped gift with a romantic card will warm any woman’s heart and make her feel romantic. Show her you care with the right gift presented in the right way.

In Conclusion – Discover Your Beautiful, Sexy Side

Plus size lingerie will lift your spirits, make you feel good about yourself and give your love life a boost. With all these benefits, and with so many different styles and sizes available to you, there’s no reason to hold back. If you’re looking for sexy lingerie plus size, it’s time to start shopping.

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