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Get Comfortable with Wireless Bras

Do you fling your bra off the minute you walk in the door? Most women do. That’s because most of us are wearing underwire bras in order to keep our girls under control.

Nothing beats an underwire when it comes to shaping, defining and supporting your bust. Underwires are a necessity if you’re large-busted. They give you hold and keep you from sagging and swinging.

But they can be far from comfortable. Sometimes, you want support but don’t want the stiffness, poking, scratching and general discomfort of an underwire. That’s where wireless bras come in.

How are Wireless Bras Different?

Wireless bras are soft and lightweight. They can look flimsy when they’re not being worn. The fabric is usually sheer and stretchy.

In most cases, these bras do not have the lift and support that an underwire bra does. They provide enough support and definition to look neat under your clothes. They keep your breasts from swinging around.

You’ll find yourself reaching for plus size wire free bras in the following situations.

  • They’re perfect for walking, light exercising or doing yoga.
  • You can wear them when you’re lounging at home.
  • Use them to get a neat, modest look with casual clothing.
  • They’re excellent after surgery, especially breast surgery.
  • Some women find it uncomfortable to sleep without any bust support. Wireless bras are comfortable enough to wear to bed.
  • They’re the only choice if you’re working at a job where wearing wires or metal is prohibited.

Comfort First

Some women don’t need any special occasion to wear a wireless bra. They have chosen to wear them all the time instead of underwire bras. It could be that they work in places where underwires are prohibited (for instance, prisons), they have a medical or physical condition or they just can’t stand to wear underwires for one more day.

If you’ve decided to never let another underwire cross your path, you’ll be happy to know that wireless bras come in a huge array of types, styles and prices.

Benefits of Plus Size Wireless Bras

Gemma Crisscross Strappy Back Lace Bralette
Gemma Crisscross Strappy Back Lace Bralette from Hips and Curves

Most underwire bras are designed to provide defined shape and firm control. Wireless bras, on the other hand, are designed primarily for comfort.

  • They’re usually made of extremely soft material.
  • They are lightweight and can feel like you’re not wearing anything.
  • These bras normally have no closures, buttons or hooks.
  • Most of them pull on easily over your head. Others hook in front.
  • Their wide straps stay on comfortably with no twisting or pinching.
  • Since there are no underwires, there’s no poking, scratching or digging.

Types of Plus Size Wireless Bras

Wireless shaping bras. These bras are similar to underwires in their styling. They use special construction to create lift and definition without wires. These bras usually have lined cups for modesty and light padding. They might hook in back or in front. They are soft and easy to wear. These bras are sized like regular underwire bras.

Leisure bras. Also called sleep bras, yoga bras or lounging bras, these are designed to give only the barest lift and support. These soft, seamless bras have wide straps. They usually don’t have lined or padded cups. Leisure bras generally aren’t sized like regular bras. Many use the sizing you’d use for buying a tee-shirt or other clothing item.

Rene Rofe Seamless Bralette
Rene Rofe Seamless Bralette from Hips and Curves

Bralettes. These wireless bras are primarily for wearing under low-cut clothes, with lingerie or on their own as part of a night of hot romance. These bras don’t offer much in the way of support and they’re not as comfortable as leisure bras. They’re a great way to get a gorgeous sexy look without feeling bound up by wires.

Sports bras. These are not meant to be worn under regular clothes or for lounging. They are wireless but still designed to give support that’s firm enough to keep the breasts from bouncing even during hard, high-impact exercise. Sports bras don’t shape or separate the breasts. In fact, many women joke about the way they produce flattened “sports boobs.”

That flatness is what keeps your breasts safe from painful and dangerous bouncing, however. Sports bras are not designed to make your breasts look good. Sports bras are designed to protect your breasts.

Beautiful Plus Size Wire Free Bras


Bali Women’s Comfort Revolution Shaping Wirefree Bra with Smart Sizes. You can never go wrong with a Bali bra. This one is no exception. Made of an exclusive four-way stretch fabric, this bra is designed to lift and define without wires or seams. The padding provides modesty and shaping. The lining won’t fall out or get lumpy in the wash. The wide straps stay in place. Bali’s exclusive “smart sizes” system makes it easy to get a great fit from this bra.

Playtex Women’s 18-Hour Sensational Sleek Wire-Free Bra. Playtex has designed a wire-free bra that you can wear under your sleekest, thinnest tops. This smooth, seamless bra features pretty satin trim, wide straps and a back-smoothing design. The exclusive design gives support and separation without wires. The cups are lined for modesty in a breathable fabric.

Cabales Women’s 3-Pack Seamless Wireless Sports Bra. Although described as a sports bra, this isn’t a suitable bra for high-impact exercise. That said, it is a lightweight bra that provides gentle support. This style of bra doesn’t give much separation or lift. You can wear it to sleep, to do light exercise or to lounge around the house. The extra-wide straps and band stay in place without binding. There are no hooks, wires or closures.

Warner’s Women’s Plus Size Simply Perfect Super Soft Wire-Free Bra. Do you like the look of lace but hate the way it scratches you? Then you’ll love the lace trim on this bra, which is backed by smooth fabric that keeps the lace from touching your skin. This silky bra lifts and separates without wires and has adjustable straps. The wide, flexible band keeps the bra firmly in place with no binding or squeezing.

Yvette No Bounce Workout Bra for Large Busts. This double-layered sports bra provides gentle compression that prevents bounce and friction even during the most high-impact activities. It’s styled with a zipper front and designed to hold even the largest breasts in place. The cups have molded plastic lining for modesty and shaping. This sports bra is made with Coolmax technology.

Hips and Curves

Gemma Crisscross Strappy Back Lace Bralette. This sheer, strappy bra has several features that lift it above the average bra. Crisscrossing back straps, a longline shape and lavish amounts of lace all make this a beautiful choice. An easy pull-on style makes this even more comfortable. It’s available in red, black or navy.

Floral Lace Racerback Bralette
Floral Lace Racerback Bralette from Hips and Curves

Floral Lace Racerback Bralette. You get everything in this ultra-pretty bra. The racerback styling gives you extra support while the wide band makes for easy all-day wear that won’t ride up. The cups are lined in a soft jersey knit. This bralette is comfortable enough to wear all day while looking as pretty as a picture.

Rene Rofe Seamless Bralette with Shredded Front Inset. This sexy, seamless bra covers your back, giving you smoothing control and coverage. The dramatic styling is sexy. It has removable pads so you can adjust the coverage and fullness. It has no closures and slips on easily.

Fruit of the Loom

Women’s Tank Style Sports Bra, 3-Pack. These all-cotton, tank-style bras are ideal for light workouts and daily wear. They provide gentle shaping and support even for larger busts. They’re tag-free and have no lining to provide a more natural look. These are sold in three-packs in your choice of colors.

Conclusion — Enjoy the Comfort of Plus Size Wireless Bras

When your underwire bra is digging and poking, there’s nothing like taking it off and putting on a wireless bra. Plus size wirefree bras are made to hold and support even the largest, heaviest busts. Slip on a sexy bralette or slide into a cozy leisure bra. Get ready to breathe with relief.

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