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Get Great-Looking Legs with Plus-Size Stockings

Winter is coming, and that means it’s time to get ready to doll up your holiday outfits. One good way to do that is to add some flair in the form of stockings. Legwear will jazz up your outfits and keep you warm.

Are you worried about finding stockings that fit? That’s understandable, since many of us remember trying desperately to pull too-small stockings up and over our bellies, only to feel like we were encased in a sausage skin. You couldn’t even walk in those too-tight stockings, even when they were labeled plus-size.

Find the Fit

No worries, because now you can find beautiful stockings that fit you and make you look and feel great. Whether you’re looking for the perfect pair of thigh-highs to strap onto your garter, a pair of sheers to wear with your pumps, or comfy tights to tuck into your winter boots, you can find just what your legs are looking for from plus-size retailers.

Remember these sizing tips for the best fit and most comfort.

  • Stockings that are too small won’t stay on and will tear easily.
  • Slightly too large is better than too small, so if you’re unsure or between sizes, go up a size.
  • Stockings that are too big will sag and bag; on the upside, it’s easier to make a too-big pair of stockings fit than a pair that’s too tight.

Understanding Size Charts for Plus-Size Stockings

Do you remember the old size charts on the back of stockings packages? You had to look up your height, then scroll across to find your weight in order to get the size of package you should buy. You might also remember the embarrassment you felt when your weight was, literally, off the charts.

You no longer have to worry. Most plus-size retailers who sell stockings sell them in sizes that correspond to your clothing size.

Hips and Curves uses regular sizing for all of their stockings and thigh-highs. You’ll find a huge selection of hosiery in plus sizes at their site.

Spanx does use a weight and height chart, but it covers a range of sizes marked A through G. The G size goes up to 325 pounds. Spanx also gives a shaping level number for every pair, so you can decide how much hold you want.

What Type of Stockings Should You Buy?

Once you start shopping for plus-size stockings, you may be pleasantly surprised by the wide variety of styles available to you. You can find stockings that flatter your legs and fit any occasion.

If you haven’t paid that much attention to your legwear in the past, it’s time to revamp your wardrobe. You can create great looks that show off your legs or keep you cozy.

Patterned tights and pantyhose are still in fashion. Consider adding some to freshen up all your looks. You can even try colored tights to add a dash of brightness to your winter neutrals.

To make sure your leg wardrobe is up to date and ready for anything, your collection should include the following:

  • Everyday pantyhose for work and daytime activities.
  • Finer-quality pantyhose for dates and special occasions.
  • Patterned tights to add some fun to your outfits.
  • Opaque tights to keep your legs warm.
  • Sexy stockings for playtime

Favorite Plus-Size Selections

Take a look at some of the exciting finds below. You’re sure to find great-looking hosiery that you can use to dress up, dress for success or dress to flaunt what you’ve got.

Plus-Size Pantyhose

Graduated Compression Shaping Sheers. If you think “compression stockings” are only for little old ladies, think again! These great-looking sheer pantyhose from Spanx give you all the benefits of graduated compression with none of the old-lady looks. The compression gives you all-day energy by boosting the circulation in your leg muscles, so these are great for work. They feature a built-in panty and a no-elastic waistband that will never pinch or roll.

Date Night Plus-Size Pantyhose

Shaping Sheers. These beautifully sheer pantyhose from Spanx will disappear on your legs. You’ll look great while still enjoying shaping, a built-in panty and a choice of gorgeous, fashionable colors.

Glow in the Dark Lightning Bolt Tummy Shaping Tights. Featuring a lightning bolt design down one leg that glows in the dark, these Spanx tights are ideal when you want to catch some extra attention. The tummy shaper with no thigh shaper means you can wear your shortest skirts with these.

Fishnet Floral Mid-thigh Shaping Tights. Get standout style with these fishnets that feature a stunning floral lace pattern. All you need with these is a simple, neutral dress to make your legs steal the show. They’re from Spanx so they also include a built-in mid-thigh and tummy shaper.

Opaque Plus-Size Tights

Plush Tummy Shaping Tights. A great choice for cold weather, these fuzzy, cuddly tights are lined with a plush fabric that will keep your legs nice and warm. They also come with built-in tummy shaping.

Luxe Leg Mid-Thigh Shaping Tights. These bestselling Spanx tights give you firm but comfortable hold with a built-in thigh shaper. These gorgeous tights will give you legs and a butt to die for when you pair them with short skirts, long skirts and booties. These give level 2 shaping, which is described as “a firm hug.”

Reversible Mid-Thigh Shaping Tights These tights let you double your fun by having two colors in each pair. They come in a choice of modern, neutral colors that will go with everything you own.

Sexy Plus-Size Stockings

Leg Avenue Open Bust Fishnet Bodystocking. If stockings make your legs look great, why not get that same effect all over? This open-crotch, open-bust body stocking encases you in sexy fishnet for a look he won’t be able to take his eyes off. This is available from Hips and Curves.

Lace Top Stripe Thigh High Stay Ups. (See in the photo below.)  These stunning striped stockings come in black or white. They feature wide stripes and a silicone top edge that is decorated with delicate floral lace. A cross between fierce and feminine, these thigh highs are exclusively at Hips and Curves.

Raw Edge Striped Thigh High Stockings. These eye-popping striped numbers will make any outfit pop. They’ll make your legs look amazing. You can also use them with a witch, Raggedy Ann or other Halloween costume. Exclusively at Hips and Curves, these need a garter belt to stay up.

Wide Band Delicate Floral Lace Stay-Up Thigh Highs. A wide silicone band decorated in lace makes these sheer, gorgeous stockings stay on securely. Exclusively from Hips and Curves, these tantalizing thigh-highs are sheer and stunning. You can use them with or without a garter.

Bettie Page Fully Fashioned Nylon Point Heel Stockings. (See in the photo below.)  Fashioned in the same style as classic seamed stockings from the 1930s, these stockings feature a tapered French heel. They’ll make your legs go on for miles. These are available from Playful Promises and come in chocolate or black.

Bettie Page Oversize Fishnet Hold-ups. The Bettie Page collection lets you enjoy all the retro and burlesque styles you love. These fishnet thigh-highs come complete with a wide elastic band on the thigh that’s sure to keep them up. They’re a great addition to any outfit. You can wear them with or without a garter belt.

Micro-Fishnet Mid-Thigh Shaping Tights. These tights from Spanx offer a fun take on the classic fishnet look. The micro fishnet gives you a smooth look that doesn’t leave grid marks on your skin. They include tummy and leg shaping so you can add a sexy fishnet look to any outfit while staying comfortable.

Tip for buying sexy plus-size stockings: Don’t forget to shop for a corset or garter set that includes hooks for your stockings. Even if they’re the stay-up style, why not add a little more oomph? Create a full outfit that lets you show those legs off!

Conclusion – Love Your Legs

Beautiful stockings, tights and pantyhose will make you love the way your legs look and feel. With all the great new styles available in plus sizes, there’s no excuse to hold back.

They’re an easy, inexpensive way to add that extra something to all your outfits.If you want to amp up your wardrobe or vamp up your bedroom antics, start with a great pair of stockings.

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Do you have a favorite style of stockings?  Something you would feel lost without?  If you’ve found something wonderful, please share it with us.  We love  hearing about your great finds, and the things you’d like to hear more about.

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