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If you’re a plus-size woman and you’re not addicted to Spanx yet, you haven’t discovered all the great shapewear you can get from this line. With a full range of sizes and shapewear solutions for every part of your body, Spanx is ideal for making your curves look their best.

The Spanx line keeps expanding and it now includes apparel, leggings, tights, bras and everything you need to create a smooth, firm look in and out of your clothes. Spanx is shapewear that’s comfortable and attractive.

The Spanx Story

Sarah Blakely created Spanx when she realized that she needed shapewear that wasn’t a stiff, uncomfortable girdle. Banking on the idea that more women were looking for the same thing, she started with a simple smoothing garment that went on easily, felt comfortable and offered firm shaping that didn’t cut or bind.

The original undergarment that Sarah created was a pair of footless shaping tights. She marketed this in 2000 and the rest is history. Spanx is now a worldwide brand and the original footless tights are still available.

Celebrities openly brag about wearing Spanx, but ordinary women are crazy for it too. As a plus-size woman, you will love the way Spanx hugs your curves and makes it possible to look great in your most form-fitting outfits.

Understanding Sizing on Spanx Plus Size Shapewear

As part of their mission to make life easy for busy women, Spanx uses easy-to-understand sizing in letters A through G. In addition, the company offers free returns on all bras, so you can buy them and try them on risk-free.

Spanx garments are all designed to be worn without panties so that you can avoid the dreaded VPL (visible panty line). Spanx garments come in three different levels of shaping and support.

  • Level 1: Smooth. This is lightweight shaping that gently smooths curves and helps clothes fall perfectly.
  • Level 2: Shape. Described as “a firm hug,” level 2 smooths curves, conceals lumps, nips your waist, shapes you all over and gives extra tummy support.
  • Level 3: Sculpt. Spanx describes this as “a super firm hug.” It conceals lumps and bumps and provides the highest level of compression, giving you a flat tummy, tight hips and thighs, a firm waist and “total transformation.”

Plus Size Spanx Undergarments

Spanx comes in a range of sizes and as a plus-size woman, you won’t have any trouble finding shapers, bras or leggings that fit you perfectly. All of these items provide various levels of shaping so that you can customize your shapewear, top to bottom.

Spanx Girl Shorts

Shape My Day Girl Short. This soft, seamless short is designed to stay put and give you all-day comfort. With level 2 hold, it has a natural waist and ends just above the thigh. Get tummy control that you can wear every day. This short also comes in a high-waisted style that will smooth your waist and torso.

Thinstincts® Girl Short. These level 2 shorts feature extra support and shaping in the lower stomach area. It’s made of lightweight, breathable microfiber. It has a cotton gusset so that, like all Spanx undergarments, you don’t have to wear panties.

Spanx Mid-Thigh Shorts

Slim Cognito® High-Waisted Mid-Thigh Short. Get powerful shaping in a mid-thigh shaper that smooths every bump with level 3 support. Get a tighter-looking rear, thighs and tummy when you slip this on under a form-fitting outfit. This short includes hooks to attach a bra for a seamless look that doesn’t let anything lag.

Spanx Footless Capris and Thighs

Skinny Britches® Capri. This sheer, level 2 shaper is ideal to wear under your skinny jeans and pencil pants. With a lightweight fabric that feels like a second skin, this capri won’t add weight or warmth, just beautiful shaping.

Higher Power Capri. The original Spanx product is still a great way to add firm shaping that is never bulky, tight or uncomfortable. Level 2 shaping smooths the butt, thighs and tummy.

Spanx Body Shapers

Suit Your Fancy Open-Bust Catsuit. Wear your own bra with this body-smoothing level 2 catsuit that gives you a smooth, curve-loving line in dresses, pants and anything else you put on. The longer leg length makes this the perfect undergarment for bridalwear, gowns and maxi dresses.

Spotlight on Lace Bodysuit. Can shapewear be sexy? It can when it features filmy lace details and a choice of gorgeous colors. Because it’s Spanx, you still get a tummy-taming panel with level 2 hold, but you also get flirty lace boy-short that you’ll love.

OnCore Open-Bust Panty Bodysuit. Get held in and firmed up in this level 3 shaper that lets nothing move, droop or shake. Wear your own bra with this and wear it anytime you want to make a great impression coming or going. You can read more about this bodysuit here.

Spanx Slips

Haute Contour® Nouveau Slip. This amazing garment with lace panels, stitching details and a sleek fit almost looks like a dress. It’s an elegant answer to shapewear that will let you wear your tightest dresses with ease. Hold it all in with level 2 hold that has a built-in bra and adjustable straps.

Spanx Tanks and Camis

In & Out Tank. This tank is great for wearing under your clothes but it’s also great as outerwear. It’s made from a cotton blend, gives you level 2 shaping and is ready to layer with your jackets or toss over your jeans.

Power Conceal-Her Open-Bust Cami. Wear your own bra with this level 2 shaper that will smooth and firm your waist, tummy and back.

Plus Size Spanx Apparel

Spanx Leggings

SPANXThere are so many different styles of Spanx leggings, all you have to do is think of what type you’d like, and they probably have it. Whether you want classic leggings, sexy faux leather or jeggings-style jean leggings, Spanx has it. They promise “a flat gut and a great butt” in every pair.

Faux Leather Moto Leggings. Get edgy, ready-to-roll fashion in an instant with these faux leather leggings that feature moto-inspired details. They give you level 2 shaping and a seamless crotch to avoid the hideous possibility of camel toe!

Jean-ish® Ankle Leggings. Get the look of your favorite skinny jeans in a comfortable, level 2 pair of leggings. In a range of colors, these will quickly become your daily go-to for a great look that is comfortable all day long.

Look at Me Now High-Waisted Seamless Legging. In classic legging style, these level 2 shaping leggings feature an extra-high waist to prevent muffin top. They are also seamless for total comfort.

Velvet Shine Leggings. Add some glam to any look, dress up a holiday outfit or just throw them on to jazz up a tee shirt, you can do it all in these dazzling leggings. They give level 2 shaping and seamless, all-day comfort.

Arm Tights™ are new at SPANX!Spanx Arm Tights

These amazing little additions to the Spanx line are a must. They’re made from lightweight hosiery material, so they give you coverage and the possibility of changing up your look in an instant. Here’s why you need to get some, stat.

  • They don’t shape but they do offer coverage if you don’t like the look of your bare arms.
  • They let you create a stylish, layered look without the bulk of piled-on clothes.
  • You can use them to keep warm in your sleeveless dresses without resorting to a cardigan.

Arm Tights Layering Piece, Cable. Get a sweater look with these arm tights that feature a delicate cable pattern in black or white.

Arm Tights Layering Piece, Fishnet Floral. With no seam on the arm, these arm tights give you a beautiful, floral lace layer that stays comfortable.

Layering Piece, Opaque. Wear this as a layered long-sleeve tee under sweaters, shirts, crop tops and jackets. It comes in a rainbow of colors that you can mix into your wardrobe with ease.

In Conclusion-Where to Buy Spanx Plus Size Shapewear

You can find the biggest selection of styles and sizes on the Spanx site. There are a handful of Spanx stores in malls and one freestanding Spanx store (in Virginia) but for the best selection, the web site is the place to shop. Right now, you can also get free shipping and free returns on bras, so it’s a great time to start adding to your shapewear collection.

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Do you have a favorite piece of Spanx shapewear?  Are you wild about the capris?  Crazy for their camis?  Or, have you tried the new arm tights?  Do you prefer the obaque, or the fishnet floral?   We love hearing from you, so let us know what you think.  Your questions and suggestions make our day!





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