Awesome Plus Size Shapewear – Which Pieces Are Right For You?

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Holy cow! The term Shapewear seems pretty obvious, but what follows sure isn’t! Trying to sort through the racks in a lingerie department, or a web page online offers so many options that it’s hard to know what to look at first.

The choices seem endless. Full body suits with thigh control, without thigh control. Open-bust body suits with thigh control, without thigh control. Or you can opt for a camisole, briefs, slips, or capris. Do you want light support, medium support, firm support, extra firm support?

Faced with this selection…which do you choose?

Whew! Take a deep breath and relax.

Shapewear is crafted to provide you with an amazingly smooth appearance under your clothing. Looking at what you’re going to be wearing, and what you want smoothed is a good starting point in deciding which type of Shapewear you want and need.

This is going to be fun.

Body Suit

Oh my goodness. Body suits are the veritable queen of the shapewear world. Just like the name implies, a body suit will target your entire torso. The choices can be amazing. Some have molded cups, so you can wear them with or without a bra. Others offer an underwire option. If you need a smooth looking back for a particular top, this will do it. Do you want a flatter looking tummy? Smaller looking waist? A body suit is in your future. For a lovely smooth look in a pencil skirt or pants, the body suit with thigh control is your best bet. While it’s busy taming your thighs, your bottom will benefit too!

And, while you’re deciding on your new body suit, make sure the designer considered your need to use the restroom. Brands like Spanx and Cacique offer body suits with gussets so you don’t need to disrobe to go to the bathroom.

Open-Bust Body Suit

The open-bust body suit also comes in the same leg configurations as the full body suit, but eliminates the cups. Offering the best of both worlds, this allows you to decide which of your bras the look-of-the-day, or evening, dictates. You can customize to your hearts content, and only need to purchase one body suit. This genius design may be just what you’re looking for.


Only want to shape your midriff and waist? Then a camisole will be a good choice. You’ll have a number of options to choose from as well. Many brands offer camisoles with non-compression bust coverage, so wearing a bra is optional. Some are also available with build-in shelf bras. Depending on how much support you need, this style can be a wonderfully comfortable option.


The styles of briefs are as varied as the women who will wear them. Check out the main categories below, but keep in mind that you’re likely to find many more options. Have fun!


You’re going to wear this shaper when you want tummy smoothing and nothing more. Come on…it’s a thong.


Briefs look like the average panty, but they don’t act that way. You’re going to have your tummy shaped and your bottom smoothed. You’re going to look gorgeous in pants and skirts. Briefs with more support will also lift your bottom for a firm, youthful look.

HighWaist Brief

These briefs not only target your tummy and bottom, but your midriff as well. Manufacturers of better Shapewear promise that the waist band will not slip or roll.

HighWaist Brief with Thigh Support

Flat stomach, trimmed waist, contoured bottom, smoothed back rolls, and no muffin top are features of high-waist briefs with thigh support. Manufacturers also promise that the band will not slip or roll, and the legs will not bind. In addition, the better brands are designed with gussets which eliminate the need to reposition your shaper for restroom breaks. You put it on once in the morning and you’re set for the day.


If nothing but a slip will do, you’re in luck. Offering virtually every smoothing option as the body suit, slips offer built-in bras as well as open-bust styles. You’re going to look spectacular!

Open-Bust Slip

Like it’s sibling the body suit, the open-bust slip gives you wonderful shaping along with the ability to pair it with your favorite bra. You’ll be able to create one-of-a-kind looks.


Whether you call them capris or leggings, you’re going to love adding them to you wardrobe. They can take you everywhere. Dressed up, dressed down, or somewhere in between. Shapewear capris are just better! They feel wonderful on, and you are going to look like a million bucks coming and going. Your tummy will be flattened, your thighs will be smoothed, and your bottom will be lifted.

Some Final Thoughts

Depending on the garment and the manufacturer, your chosen item can come in light, medium, firm, and extra firm support. It’s possible that light support won’t feel much different from your regular lingerie. Medium support will give you a wonderful smooth appearance. Firm will smooth and trim. Extra firm would ensure that there is very little movement. You may only want to go there for limited periods of time. It’s not something most women would wear all day or on a daily basis.

Sizing is also something to keep in mind. Be kind to yourself, and go by the manufacturer’s size chart. Going down to a too-small size will make you miserable. It will cause more, not fewer bumps and ripples.

Brand matters. These garments do their job because of the design and the quality fabrics they are made of. If a company skimps on one or both, you aren’t going to get the results you wanted. Think of it as an investment in yourself. Take good care of your pieces, and they will serve you for a long time. Purchasing pieces that meet your specific needs will also ensure you have a lingerie wardrobe that will give you much enjoyment and satisfaction.


Looking good in your clothes does wonders for your confidence and disposition. Shapewear can ensure that everything you own looks great on you. If you’re thinking about adding a piece or two to your lingerie wardrobe, take a few minutes to assess the things you already own, and how you use them. Once you’ve zeroed in on exactly what you need, it will be a simple process to choose things that will make you happy. You deserve it!

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