Plus Size Nursing Bras — A Quick Guide

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Motherhood Made Easier with Plus-Size Nursing Bras

Breastfeeding is a healthy, natural way to nourish your new baby. It is a wonderful way for both of you to bond. As a new mother, you only want the best for your baby. Part of that is making sure that your experience breastfeeding is as simple, uncomplicated and comfortable as possible.

Nursing can take a toll on your nerves and your physical health. You may be tired and stressed out by the need to constantly breastfeed. When you’re under that stress, the last thing you want to worry about is a bra that’s too tight and too hard to get off when you nurse.

If you’re plus-size, it’s even more important to find a nursing bra that fits. You need even more structure, support and ease of access. Your cup size and your band size have probably changed. Your bras are probably letting you down and the result is breasts that sag and stretch.

Plus Size Maternity Bras

Some women try to make do with their old bras or sports bras. This won’t work. The bras don’t fit your new, changed breast shape. You have to take them off completely to breastfeed. You can’t breastfeed at work or in pubic if you’re using one of these makeshift methods.

You and your baby deserve better. The right plus size breastfeeding bras make breastfeeding comfortable, easy and discreet. They are a must in your post-pregnancy lingerie collection.

Finding Plus Size Breastfeeding Bras

Finding a bra that fits when you’re breastfeeding can be difficult. Your body goes through a lot of changes when you’re nursing.

Even after nursing, your breasts won’t necessarily go back to their pre-pregnancy shape and size. Your regular bras just won’t work when it comes to nursing.

  • Most women’s breasts become larger during pregnancy but can shrink during nursing.
  • Some women develop stretch marks as their breasts change shape and size.
  • Genetics, weight gain, medical history and number of pregnancies can affect the shape and size of your breasts after pregnancy.

Fortunately, manufacturers are now aware of the need for comfortable bras that fit all women who are nursing. These bras are made of stretchy, flexible fabrics that grow with you and conform to your body’s changes during breastfeeding.

It’s still difficult to find nursing bras in plus sizes at department stores and discount stores. Your best bet is to shop online.

Features to Look for in Plus Size Maternity Bras

  • Drop-down cups that you can unclip or unbuckle with one hand.
  • Soft, breathable fabric that will feel soft and soothing on your skin.
  • Full-cup openings that allow your baby to reach your full breast.
  • Gentle but sure support for larger breasts.
  • Firm, flexible band to keep the bra on without binding.
  • Wide, cushioned straps.
  • Comfortable, flexible fit that moves with you.
  • Reinforced stitching along seams.

Underwire or Wireless?

Nursing bras come in underwire and wireless styles. Most women who are nursing prefer wireless bras because they are more comfortable. Women with extra-heavy busts or those who work in a professional setting may prefer an underwire style that gives them more structure.

The choice is yours. You may want to use an underwire style at work and then switch to a wireless one when you’re at home.

Great-Looking and Functional Plus Size Breastfeeding Bras

We’ve rounded up a great collection of nursing and maternity bras that are designed for plus-size women. These bras will get you through your day at home, at work or on the go while making breastfeeding easy and discreet. You can find all of these maternity bras and nursing accessories at Amazon.

Wireless Designs

Bravado Designs Women’s Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra. Bravado specializes in nursing bras for women ofall shapes and sizes. This silky, seamless bra shows that they know what they’re doing. The foam liners give shape and support. You can remove them for discreet nursing. All Bravado bras have one-handed opening, full drop-away cup design and a bra conversion kit so that you can use the bra after you’re done with nursing. The bra comes in several beautiful colors and is sized from XS to XXL.

Lamaze Cotton Spandex Sleep Bra for Nursing and Maternity. These crossover-style bras are ideal for wearing at night, when you have to get up for frequent feedings. They are soft enough to sleep in and provide just enough support to help hold heavier breasts. The design makes for quick, easy breastfeeding. The wide straps and elastic band keep this bra on and keep it comfortable

La Leche League Women’s Full-Coverage Nursing Bra. This pretty bra features a lace design and cushioned, comfort straps. This bra hooks in the back with easy, one-handed nursing buckles. It’s made with easy drop cups that make feeding quick and convenient. This is a full-coverage bra that can be worn daily.

Motherhood Maternity Plus-Size Wrap Front Nursing Bra. Motherhood Maternity is a popular brand that specializes in comfortable nursing bras. This bra has a simple design. It’s a cotton-blend wrap style that provides light support and makes for easy feeding. This bra comes in four colors and has easy pull-on styling.

Leading Lady Women’s Nursing Wireless Sports Bra. 

This super-soft bra is made in lightweight cotton and spandex blend. It stretches to fit and provides gentle lifting. Wide, cushioned straps and a soft, flexible band add to the comfort. Fold-over cups and one-handed operation make breastfeeding easy.

Gratlin Women’s Comfort Support Plus-Size Nursing Bra. This is a good bra if you like to stay active but need to stop to breastfeed while you’re exercising. Racerback styling, wide straps and sports bra construction make this bra supportive. It has front drop-down cups that make for easy access when breastfeeding.

Gratlin Plus Size Nursing Bra
Gratlin Plus Size Nursing Bra

Underwire Designs

Curve Muse Plus-Size Nursing Underwire Bra. This bra is beautiful and designed for everyday wear. It has full underwire support, wide comfortable straps and pretty lace detailing. This is a good choice if you are going to work while breastfeeding. Drop-down cups make breastfeeding easy and discreet. The Curve Muse bras are sold in sets of three

Motherhood Maternity Plus-Size Back-Smoothing Nursing Bra. This is another good choice for those of you who go to an office and need to breastfeed there. The smooth nylon-spandex bra will look good under all your tops, even the most form-fitting ones. It has an underwire and back-smoothing support. The bra features drop-down cups for breastfeeding.

Other Maternity and Nursing Finds

Earth Lily Washable Nursing Pads. If you’re trying to keep it green throughout your pregnancy, you may have thought about using reusable nursing bra pads. These are made from hemp and organic cotton with a soft top layer that’s soothing to your nipples. They have a leakproof outer layer. The set contains six sets of pads and comes in a cotton washing bag.

Motherhood Maternity Plus-Size Clip-Down Nursing Tank. You can wear this cute, longer-length camisole around the house or around the town. It features a double-opening nursing function clip-down to let you breastfeed quickly and easily without having to take your clothes off. It comes in six colors and has a built-in shelf bra for light support.

Udderly Hot Mama Plus-Size Nursing and Pumping Top. This top makes breastfeeding a stylish adventure. In silky rayon, the Thalia top with three-quarter sleeves features an easy button-down style at the shoulder for discreet breastfeeding. It also has an inner fabric insert that makes breast access easy but also private. It comes in black, burgundy and sapphire.

Conclusion — Enjoy Motherhood with Plus Size Maternity Bras

The right bra can make a huge difference in how you look and how you feel. That’s even more true of a maternity bra. If your nursing bra is difficult to use, pinches or binds, it won’t give you the freedom to move that you need. You’ll be amazed at the difference a comfortable maternity bra can make.

Motherhood and nursing are wonderful. They can also be physically draining and cause you to lose sleep on a regular basis. You shouldn’t have to worry about your bra on top of everything else. Make sure you’re using a bra that will soothe and support you when you need it most.

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