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Find Some Sexy Plus-Size Garter Belts

When you think sexy lingerie, you probably think of garter belts first and foremost. These little bands of lacy cloth are a must in every woman’s lingerie collection. If you’re not a fan of the classic lace belt, you are in luck. Garter belts now come in a wide variety of styles.

  • Girdle styles add a retro feeling and offer support with boning.
  • Skirt styles offer more coverage while still being sultry.
  • High-waist garters are a good alternative to the classic low-hip style.
  • Garters come in all types of fabrics and colors.
  • You can find garters decorated with feathers, ribbons and strapping details.
  • Garter styles range from lacy and romantic to daring and vampish.

Why We Love Garter Belts

Few items of clothing signal naughty, playful sex the way a garter belt does. But this little scrap of lacy cloth didn’t start off that way.

Garter belts were invented in the 1920s when women stopped wearing corsets. Women made a dramatic shift to clothes that were lightweight and easy to wear. Hemlines were higher and women were shucking off the old-fashioned stays, bones and hoops they had once worn.

Racy Reputation

They still needed something to keep their stockings up, however, and the garter belt was the perfect tool. The only struggle women had was keeping those back seams straight.

The “naughty” side of garters comes from the idea that it was considered scandalous to see a woman’s legs or stockings above the knee. Since the pretty, lacy garters were holding up those stockings, catching sight of a garter was the next best thing to seeing a woman’s underthings.

Sexy Symbols

Some women would deliberately let men see a touch of lace as a way of being alluring. It’s no wonder garters developed a reputation for being racy.

In the 1960s, pantyhose came along and there was no practical need for garter belts. Women could wear one piece of lingerie that was seamless, inexpensive and easy to roll on.

Garter belts fell by the wayside in terms of everyday wear. They were still treasured by people who realized how intriguing they were. Garter belts became associated with old-fashioned, feminine sexiness.

Wedding Garters

Garter belts take center stage in many traditions. The most common is their use in wedding ceremonies. This tradition actually started in 15th century France. It was a way of proving that the marriage had been consummated. In those days, garters were simple bands that went around the tops of stockings to hold them on.

Wedding guests actually stood outside the bedroom door, waiting for things to get going. Once the couple had done the deed, the groom tossed out the bride’s garter as proof.

In some cases, after a few too many barrels of wedding wine, the guests would tear the bride’s clothing off to get at the garter, because a piece of bridal clothing was supposed to bring good luck. For a nervous bride, the garter toss became a way to appease the crowds without getting her dress ripped to shreds.

Over the centuries, the tradition developed into the one we know today, where the groom takes off the bride’s garter and tosses it to the groomsmen. As tradition has it, the lucky guy who catches the garter will be the next one to get married.

Modern Developments

In the last couple of decades, we’ve seen garters and other lingerie take the forefront. Modern burlesque performers and a renewed interest in old-time pinup girls like Bettie Page have made lingerie popular again.

Plus-size retailers were ready. They rushed to offer their customers the same iconic styles that other women were asking for. Today, burlesque styles and retro lingerie are all available in a range of sizes.

Sexy Stockings

You can’t complete your garter belt look without a pair of stockings. The plus-size lingerie retailers we feature in this post also sell stockings in your size. Keep in mind that these stockings tend to be quite sheer and fragile. Buy several pairs and you’ll always have a backup if your stockings rip.

You can buy stockings in colors, stripes and classic black. Consider spicing up your outfit with these options.

  • Fishnet and seam-backed stockings are the classic retro style.
  • Opaque stockings add drama and coverage.
  • Stripes are great for a gothic or steampunk look.
  • Colored stockings can complete an outfit.
  • Lace stockings are elegant and flattering.

A Roundup of Sexy Plus Size Garter Belts

We’ve picked out the best in beautiful garter belts that will make you look and feel great. These retailers offer great selections along with web sites that are elegant and nicely photographed. They make shopping for plus-size lingerie a pleasure.

Hips and Curves

Flocked Polka Dot and Lace Garter Belt. This garter belt is more like a tiny miniskirt. It’s ideal if you’d like a little coverage while still flaunting it all. It clings with sheer perfection to your hips and butt. The polka dot pattern is sassy. This unique garter style is only available at Hips and Curves. It includes four stocking clasps. (See the photo below.)

Lace Garter Belt and Thong Set. This lacy, racy set is the classic style that everyone thinks of when they think “garter belt.” In rich black lace, it sits low on the hips and has no back coverage. It comes with a matching thong and four clasps to attach your favorite stockings. Add a lacy black bra to make an all-out statement.

Dreamgirl Front Closing Lace and Mesh Babydoll Set. Get your tease on with this three-piece set. It features a babydoll top, black lace garter and matching thong. The babydoll has a bra top in lush purple and black lace and a sheer purple skirt. This gorgeous outfit just needs a pair of stockings to make your racy dreams come true.

Short Shaper Skirt with Garters. Another good choice for those who want a little more coverage and shaping, this stunning concoction in red and black lace is not a bit shy. This soft, sensual shaper sits at the waist and has four garter clasps. It also comes in white or in nude and black lace.

Coquette Boned Waist Cincher with Removable Garters. Look stunning whether you’re coming or going in this outlandish cincher. It has boning and solid support in the front, which gives you firm shaping and coverage. The back features a lace-up closure that lifts and enhances your rear. This cincher comes with six removable clasps. It comes in black or red.

Playful Promises

Sheba Purple Lace Suspender Belt Curve. This flirtatious garter belt is fashioned in vivid purple satin with a black eyelash trim. It’s fully adjustable with three hook-and-eye clasps and four stocking attachments. Boning and mesh accents give you support and define your curves. Don’t miss out on the matching Sheba thong and Sheba lace bra.

Karine Bridal Ivory and Gold Suspender. You don’t need to be a bride to indulge in this luxurious garter. This stunning garter belt is richly decorated with embroidered flowers and gold-trimmed lace edges. It sits at the waist and has boning for smooth support. With the matching bra and thong, you’ll have a set that’s ready for your big day.

Emerald Curve Suspender Belt. This stunning belt will make a splash whenever you strap it on. In black and green satin with bold hardware details, it makes an impression. This belt comes with stocking clasps. Wear it with the Emerald Curve brief and matching Emerald Curve strappy bra for a totally hot look.

Juliet Red Roll-On Girdle. If you’re looking for something that’s a touch retro and a touch dominatrix, the roll-on girdle is going to be your new best friend. This clingy, skirt-styled girdle features alluring cutouts, sheer mesh and a bold red color. It offers soft hold and four stocking clasps. Don’t miss the matching Juliet strappy bra.

Conclusion –Stock up on Sexy Plus Size Garter Belts

A great-looking garter belt is a surefire way to add some spice to your lingerie look. It’s even more striking if you add a matching bra, thong and other accessories. Don’t forget the perfect pair of stockings to complete your ensemble.

Whether you’re wearing your garter belts under your daytime clothes to give yourself a racy, sexy feeling, or wearing them for your special someone, you’ll love the way they make you feel. Slip into a sexy plus-size garter belt today.

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