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Slip into Plus-Size Footed Pajamas
They were your favorites when you were a kid, so why not relive your youth by slipping on a pair of cozy pajamas that just happen to have the slippers attached? You’ll be smiling all night long when you slip your body into these.

If you haven’t worn footed pajamas, or “onesies” as they’re sometimes called, since you were little, you might have forgotten how much fun they were. Now it’s time to rediscover this classic favorite. It’s all grown up and ready to make an appearance in your nightwear collection.

A Brief History of Pajamas

Before the arrival of pajamas, men typically wore nightshirts to sleep in. These were long, tailed shirts that fit loosely and were often capped by a jaunty nightcap to keep the head warm.

In the 1920s, travelers to the East had discovered the loose-fitting pants made of light, flowing fabrics that people of all ages wore there. The word “pajama” comes from the Indian word for these loose pants. The fashion for the comfortable pajama pants took hold in Europe and eventually crossed to the U.S.

Pajamas Become Fashionable

Men were the first to adopt this comfortable style of nightwear. Women started adopting men’s pajama styles. Women’s nightgowns were elegant and fashionable, but many women preferred the comfort of men’s styles. By the 1930s, pajamas were considered a sophisticated outfit for lounging.

The style really took off when designer Coco Chanel created a line of loungewear that consisted of elegant women’s pajama sets. Many women wore so-called “evening pajamas” as an alternative to wearing dresses when entertaining at home.

As pajamas took off in popularity, manufacturers started designing them especially for children. Soft, cuddly fabrics like flannel and colorful prints were the hallmarks of children’s pajamas. Around the 1960s, footed pajamas appeared on the scene. They allowed children to slip on one piece of clothing that kept them warm from head to toe.

Footed pajamas are now made for adults. They’re warm, cozy and fun to wear. They’re favored by anyone who has a sense of humor about their nightclothes. They’re also a great option for anyone who wants to stay warm through the coldest winter nights, whether they’re sleeping or just sitting up watching their favorite shows.

Why You Need Women Plus Size Footed Pajamas

There are lots of great reasons to slip into a pair of footed pajamas.

  • They keep you warmer than any other pajama style. Because they are one piece from neck to toe, they protect you from drafts and conserve your body heat.
  • If you have cold floors, footed pajamas will keep your feet warm when you’re walking or lounging around.
  • Some of them come with hoods. Your ability to stay warm is totally covered with a hooded pajama. Besides, the hood makes it even cuter.
  • You’ll have fun with the cute prints and colors available in footed styles.
  • If you’re camping or sleeping somewhere without good heating, footed pajamas are a warm and insulating layer.

For an example of how cozy they can be, check out the SleepytimePjs Women’s Hooded Footed Onesie, available from Amazon. This super-thick, super-plush fleece number comes with detachable feet, a drawstring hood and a loose, easy fit. It also comes in a variety of adorable prints and colors. Choose from a pink heart pattern, blue plaid, multicolor polka dots, holiday designs and others.

An adorable non-footed version comes from the aptly-named Forever Lazy. Their Non-footed Adult Onesie comes in a cute baby duck print, an elephant print and various solid colors. This is designed to be loose, baggy and soft.

These onesies look like giant blankets that you just want to wrap around yourself. Once you put them on, you probably won’t want to take them off.

What’s the Best Fabric for Plus Size Footed Pajamas?

Most footed pajamas are made of flannel or fleece. These are both great fabrics for sleepwear. Which one should you choose?.  

Flannel. Flannel pajamas are lightweight, warm and soft on the skin. Flannel is usually made from natural fabrics like cotton. It is brushed to give it a soft, fuzzy surface. Because it’s a natural fabric, flannel tends to let your skin breathe more easily.

Fleece. This woven fabric has a smooth appearance. Fleece often has a fuzzy side that can feel very cozy if it’s inside the fabric and against the skin. Some fleece items are made so that the smooth side is against your skin and the fuzzy side is on the outside. The choice depends entirely on which style you find more comfortable.

Footed Pajamas as Costumes

Many people buy footed pajamas to wear them as costumes. They tend to have wild, funny prints that are associated with a certain holiday or theme. Many of them come in unisex styles and even sizes. That makes it easy to create a Halloween couples or group look that looks unified and is comfortable to wear.

Pajama City has matching men’s and women’s onesies in a variety of themed styles and patterns. These also come with a matching nightcap so you can really step out in high pajama style.

The Footed Pajama’s Cowhide Adult Hoodie Fleece Onesie
comes in sizes for men, women and children, from infant all the way to plus. You can even get a matching onesie for your pet. It’s available from Amazon.

Silver Lilly makes a Unisex Adult Pajama that comes in a wide variety of animal versions. These costumes pajamas feature a fully decorated hood and full, vibrant colors. You can get a giraffe, a dinosaur or a kangaroo. This is also available from Amazon.

DIY Costume Ideas

If you don’t feel like buying a pair of pajamas just for a special occasion, you can buy a solid pair and add accessories. These will turn your plain-Jane pajamas into a cat, an eagle, a superhero or any number of other characters.

Pajama City has more than 100 costume ideas you can make from plain footed pajamas. These fun costumes are quick, easy and inexpensive to put together. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you’ll be inspired as you read through their suggestions.

Don’t forget the best part. You can doll up your pajamas for a special occasion like Halloween or another costume event, and then you can wear your cozy, comfortable footed pajamas as sleepwear the rest of the year.

I’ve included a short clip from Chris Lambert.  This was filmed in September, but it might give you more ideas if you’re planning a DIY costume.

Can Plus Size Footed Pajamas Be Stylish?

You might be convinced that a pair of footed pajamas can be fun, warm and cute. But could they ever be stylish?

Believe it or not, Pajama Gram has taken on that challenge and come up with the Hoodie-Footie. This pajama is styled like a chic warmup suit in plush, rich velour. It has a hood and feet but doesn’t look anything like a child’s pajama. The Hoodie-Footie comes in a gorgeous deep pink color that makes it irresistible.   I also included one of their short commercials so you can get a quick look.  (I don’t represent them, just wanted you to get to take a peek!)

Not to be outdone, Alexander Del Rossa makes a similar one in silky, cozy microfleece. The Women’s Fleece Textured Onesie, available from Amazon, comes in three beautiful, textured colors. Better yet, the feet are removable. This is a good bonus for people who don’t like sleeping with their feet covered but want the extra warmth when they’re walking around.

Buying Women Plus Size Footed Pajamas

Keep these tips in mind when buying footed pajamas and onesies.

  • Check each manufacturer’s size chart carefully. Some makers sell their footed pajamas by height.
  • If you’re planning to wear your onesie as a costume, consider adding real shoes. Slippers won’t hold up to outdoor use, especially in bad weather.
  • Add warm layers if you’re wearing your pajamas outside.
  • Onesies with removable feet are preferable. Health experts say you shouldn’t sleep with your feet covered, even when it’s cold.
  • Some footed pajamas come with classic styles like a drop bottom or drop seat. These are more convenient, especially if you’re using your onesie as a costume.

Where to Buy Footed Pajamas–Conclusion

The retailers we’ve featured here are all good sources of footed pajamas. The popularity of footed pajamas means that you can find them in a wide variety of styles and sizes. Slip into a cozy pair of footed pajamas and get toasty.

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