Plus Size Corsets — Say Hello To Your New Best Friend

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Add Plus-Size Corsets to Your Lingerie Collection

They cinch, they lift and they add a dash of old-school charm to any boudoir look. They’re corsets. Your plus-size lingerie wardrobe just won’t cut it unless you have a nice selection of them.

A beautiful corset is the foundation of a knockout lingerie look. All you need are a few accessories to pull the whole thing together. Add stockings and a pair of matching panties. Your whole alluring look just came together and you are now ready for anything.

History of Corsets

Corsets have been around for over 500 years. In past centuries, they were made of hard, heavy materials that included steel plates, wooden planks and whalebone.

Today’s corsets are nothing like those torture devices. Instead of whalebone and wooden planks, they’re made of lightweight, flexible materials that bend with you. Instead of binding and constricting you, these garments smooth and define you.

Modern corsets give you the same sexy, curvy, hourglass look that those old models did, without the pain and discomfort. They’re a win-win.

Buying a Great Plus Size Corset

Corsets have come out of the closet in a big way. There’s now a whole subculture of women who are devoted to these garments. Blogs talk about waist training by using corsets, corset manufacturing and all the in-depth details your heart could desire.

Corsets are no longer relegated to the lingerie drawer. They’ve become fashion garments in their own right. And with all the beautiful choices out there, you’ll find dozens of reasons to start stocking up.

What Style of Corset is Best?

Where do you start with corset buying? The choices might seem overwhelming, but corsets really break down into four basic types. Once you decide on the style that you think will work best for you, you can narrow down your search.

Overbust corset. This style gives you all-in-one shaping that includes bust lift. Overbust corsets give you a smooth, defined line from shoulder to waist. Some also shape below the waist. You don’t have to wear a separate bra with this type of corset. It’s one and done. Many of them come with straps to attach stockings, making your dress-up adventure even easier.

Underbust corset. This type comes to just under your bust, is strapless and uses stays and laces to stay on. An underbust corset pushes your bust up and out. Some women find that they get a smoother back when wearing an underbust corset. You can wear an underbust corset with your own bra or use it to create striking daytime looks. Cinch it over a flowy, romantic blouse. Tie it on over a sleek tee shirt or camisole.

Longline corset. As the name implies, this style comes well below your waist, unlike traditional corsets that stop there. They’re great for women who also want to smooth and hold their hips. Longline corsets are an especially good choice for women who have long torsos and those who have naturally curved shapes.

Waist cincher. Sometimes called “wasps,” these corsets only hold the waist in. They serve mostly as a belt to jazz up an outfit. They’re also used by women who are waist-training and don’t want to wear a full corset all the time.

Corset Fabrics and Fabrications

Corsets are made in a wide variety of fabrics. You can find them in cotton, satin, leather, velvet and lace. You can also find corsets made for all types of costumes, occasions and holidays.

What are the stays made of? There are two types.

Rigid bones. They’re not made of bones anymore, but the name remains. Rigid bones are usually made of steel. They are inserted into the corset in strategic spots to give you firm lift and hold.

Spiral bones. These are looser, more pliable bones that give you freedom of movement.

Find Your Corset

Hips and Curves

Hips and Curves specializes in plus-size lingerie that’s romantic, luxurious and right on size valentine's day lingerie The company was at the forefront of this market and they’ve perfected the art of selecting only the best for their customers.

That’s why it’s no surprise that they have a drop-dead sexy collection of corsets. Your toughest challenge will be deciding which one to buy.

Paloma Striped Steel-Boned Corset. This strapless, steel-boned number is made of cotton and features a sweetheart neckline. There’s enough coverage to wear it as outerwear. Use it as a top with pants or skirts for a daring daytime look. Add your favorite costume pieces. Have fun with this versatile corset.

Schoolgirl Plaid Corset with Lace Trim. Be naughty and nice in this schoolgirl plaid number that’s just right for the holidays too. This red and black corset has an underwire bust and four detachable garter hooks. It laces in the back and also has a side zipper so you don’t have to bother undoing all of the laces.

Callista Steel-Boned Corset with Buckles. If you’re a leather girl through and through, you will love this wild motorcycle ride of a corset. Made of gleaming black leather, it features six wide, buckled straps across the front, a deep V neckline and lace-up back. You’ll definitely be the boss in this one.

Juliet Steel-Boned Cotton Corset. If you’re a romantic girl at heart, you’ll fall head over heels for this charming corset. In soft, peach-colored cotton with cotton lining, this strapless overbust will make you feel feminine and pretty.   (See the photo of this corset at the bottom of the page.)

Burlesque Plus Size Corset. Indulge your ravishing, retro side with this flouncy corset. In beautiful black satin, this corset can be worn with or without a bra. It comes with four satin ribbon clasps for stockings.

Note: Hips and Curves sells all of the corset accessories shown in the model’s photographs. You can copy those looks by buying the bustles, skirts, tops and gloves right on their site. Don’t forget your sexy stockings, also available there!

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Alivila.Y Fashion Womens Sexy Steampunk Gothic Faux Leather Boned Corset Bustier. This knockout in faux leather is lined in cotton. It comes in nine gorgeous colors including silver, black and red. The price can’t be beat and it comes with a free G-string!

Coquette 3728X Women’s Plus-Size Fully-Boned Stretch Knit Corset. This beautiful corset comes in a stretch knit fabric that feels great on your skin and gives you smooth, comfortable shaping. It’s an overbust style with detachable shoulder straps. This corset laces in back and comes with six garter clasps.

Daisy Corsets Women’s Lavish Lace Overbust with Zipper. This brocade corset comes in 12 rich colors and features a hidden front zipper. It also laces in the back for extra cinching where you need it. This corset does not come with garter clasps.

Orchard Corset

This site is jam-packed with plus-size corsets and shapewear. Orchard Corset also sells corset liners, which are thin, lightweight garments that make the corset more comfortable to wear. Here is a handful of their offerings.

Underbust Black Brocade Corset. This corset features a gorgeous, detailed brocade fabric that sits below a silky black bra. The corset laces in back and has five silvertone clasps on the front. It is laced for you and comes with a rigid, split-front steel busk to give your bust some lift.

Limited Edition Crimson Shimmer Satin with Black Lace Embellishment Underbust Corset. Part of the Holiday Glitz Line, this dazzling corset is made of deep red satin. Black lace, beading and rhinestones decorate this corset for a look that’s too dazzling to keep under wraps. It offers extreme cinching, comes laced and includes stocking tabs.

Plus-Size Underbust Satin Longline Corset. This corset is made of glossy black satin with a cotton lining. It has a long torso line and provides extreme cinching. Like most of their corsets, this one comes with tabs for stockings.

Conclusion — It’s a Cinch

Finding the right corset or two to start your collection is easy when you know the styles that intrigue you and the right places to shop. Also remember that every manufacturer’s size chart is different. Before you place an order, know your measurements and check the charts.

Don’t be shy. Wearing a corset will make you stand straight, tuck everything in and walk with confidence. When you want to fire up a sexy look that holds you in, up and out, a plus-size corset can’t be beat.

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Do you have a favorite corset? Care to tell us about it? We’d love to hear all about your favorite, and how you style it. If you have questions or other comments, please let us know how we can serve you better.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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