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Get Lifted in Plus Size Underwire Bras

In the world of bras, underwires reign supreme. There’s just no other type that can lift you up, hold you firm and make clothes look their best. Plus-size women are often large-busted and they depend on underwires to keep them looking and feeling good.

If you haven’t shopped for bras recently, get ready to be wowed. Plus-size lingerie makers have pulled out all the stops to bring you bras that do more than just lift. These underwire innovations showcase style, sexiness and improved comfort. It’s a whole new underwire world out there and it’s time you grabbed some of these great bras.

Why You Need Underwire Bras

It’s true that bra manufacturers are making no-wire bras that are all about comfort and only give you a little support. You probably have a whole set of these in your lingerie collection. These bra types include:

  • Wire-free tee-shirt bras
  • Sports bras
  • Lounge bras
  • Pull-on bras

These bras are great. They’re the perfect choice for hanging out at home, casual get-togethers with friends, running around the neighborhood or any time you don’t need to look your absolute best. They give you more coverage and support than going braless.

Get the Lift You Need

But for work, dates and important events, you’re going to need the support of an underwire bra. That’s the only style that will keep your boobs from bobbing around. Plus size bras-underwire make you look polished and neat. They allow your clothes to flatter your shape. An underwire bra keeps everything from swinging around and lifts you into the limelight.

You wouldn’t wear your frilly, lacy bralettes to work out at the gym, right? Don’t wear bras that are meant for sports or casual wear to any event that requires your breasts to behave.

Yes, Underwire Bras Can Be Comfortable

It’s a misconception that underwire bras are universally uncomfortable. If your bra is uncomfortable, more than likely it’s the wrong fit.

If it’s been a while since you measured yourself for your bra size, consider whipping out the tape measure and double-checking your size.

What to Look for in Underwire Plus Size Bras

You can find beauty and comfort in one bra. Plus-size bras typically include construction and fabric details that go beyond bras made for smaller busts. These bras take into account the special fitting needs of plus sized women.

Here are details to look for if you want to be sure your bra is going to be comfortable.

  • A good band: No, we don’t mean your bra needs to start rocking out to some tunes, although if you want to, go for it. The band is the most important part of the bra. It’s where all the support and the back-smoothing is.
  • Wide straps: Keep your bra straps where they belong with wide straps that feel comfortable and hold you steady. Racerback straps are great at giving you extra lift, but they’re hard to find in plus-size bras.
  • Flexible underwire: Look for underwires that move with you instead of digging into your side. Nothing is worse than an underwire that pops out and starts poking you.
  • Smooth fabric: Fabric that’s thick enough to give you coverage while still feeling light and silky is ideal.
  • Lining or foam inserts: If you want your bra to cover your nipples, look for these details that add modesty and coverage.
  • Playtime stuff: If you’re using your bra for play rather than support, have at it with all the bows, bells and tassels you want.

Hot New Styles in Plus Size Bras-Underwire

Just when you thought plus-size lingerie couldn’t get any hotter, designers and retailers are joining forces to bring you more and more of what you love. Even the reliable old underwire is getting a makeover, just in time for the holidays.

Fresh Fashion

London-based retailer Playful Promises had teamed up with plus-size fashion maven Gabi Fresh to create a drop-dead gorgeous collection of lingerie. You might remember Gabi as the girl who popularized the fatkini and has her own line of swimwear at Swimsuitsforall.

All of that style and sass you loved in her swimwear is on full display in this collection of curve-loving underwear and bras. Check out the Celeste, a fabulous froth of colored flowers, sequins and edgy strapping. Underwire never looked so pretty. Note: The Gabi Fresh collection is available for a limited time only.

Gorgeous, Sexy Underwire Bras

Beautiful Support

QT Intimates Soft Lace Plus Size Bra. This bra gives you everything you want including full support, coverage and beautiful style. It might be a basic bra, but the lace and bows make it incredibly pretty and feminine. Reviewers rave that they can wear it all day, it’s so supportive and comfortable.

Tatiana Floral Embroidery Balconette Bra. Balconette Bras do something special for your figure and this one from Hips and Curves is a great example of that. Stunning embroidery decorates the cups, which are super-supportive with both underwire and foam lining. Triple-strand straps add support and great style. You’ll be lifted up and out while feeling gorgeous in this one.

Gabi Fresh x Playful Promises Satin and Lace Bra. This gorgeous bra is loaded with lace, piping and mesh to make a super-sexy statement. It’s constructed with a mesh back and extra-wide straps, which add support without detracting one whit from its good looks.

Underwire Gone Wild

Gabi Fresh On The Rocks Strappy Bra. Not only do you get underwire lift in this too-hot-to-be-hidden bra, you also get harness strapping and gold hardware. There aren’t too many clothes you can wear that will keep this one under wraps. And that’s probably the point.

Bettie Page Peach Longline Overwire Bra. If you’re all about the retro or burlesque look, check out this offering from Playful Promises. It’s a reversal of the underwire with an overwire that gives you the classic torpedo-shaped boobs favored in the good old days. This bra is also a longline style. You could even wear it as an outerwear top, depending on just how head-turning you want to be. This is from the Bettie Page collection at Playful Promises.

Gabi Fresh Holly Black Mesh & Lace Bra. Another bra that’s too pretty to keep hidden, this features beautiful lace feathers that drape gracefully along the band and sides. Underwired cups are transparent mesh and the thick straps feature tiny bows. There is a lot going with this bra and you should allow it to peek through or just take over your outfit.

Comfort Comes First

Bra-llelujua! This bra from Spanx got top marks for comfort and fit from a Good Housekeeping test. The bra is lightweight and smooth but provides lift and coverage. It even comes in a racerback model.

Bra-dacious Full Figure Bra. Also from Spanx, this bra comes in a lined and unlined version. This bra is especially designed for larger bust sizes. It features an underwire plus boning for extra support.

Pillow Cup Signature Unlined Full Coverage Bra. Get ready to say “aaahhh” when you slip on this soft, easy-wearing bra. Designed for comfort, it features cushioned straps and back-smoothing design.

Does Your Bra Fit?

A bra that doesn’t fit properly will let your breasts sag. It will also be uncomfortable and will make you look terrible in your clothes. Fit is important in all your clothes, but in your bra, it’s make-or-break important.

A bra that doesn’t fit will have:

  • wrinkled cups;
  • bra straps that dig in;
  • a band that creates back fat;
  • underwire that pokes and prods.

Here are some pointers to ensure that the bra you try on fits you the way it should.

  • Side: The sides should lie smoothly along your body with no spillage at your underarms.
  • Cups: The cups should contain your breasts so they don’t look like they’re spilling or bursting out, especially at the top.
  • Band: The band should be snug, but not uncomfortable, and rest right on your ribcage.
  • Straps: You should be able to slide one finger under the strap.

In Conclusion – Shopping for Underwire Plus Size Bras

If your bra selection is old and tired, it’s time to lift your spirits along with your gorgeous boobs. There are a lot of great new styles out there. Whether you’re interested in a bra that’s super-comfortable or one that could double as a role-play costume, you are sure to find an underwire style that is calling your name.

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