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Icon Underwear is a Woman-Centered Company

If you haven’t heard of the brand Icon Underwear, it’s time to get acquainted with this woman-owned maker of incontinence panties for women. Icon only makes one type of underwear. It’s a lightweight, silky protection panty that stands out for its manufacturing, comfort and company ethics.

Get to Know Icon Underwear

Shopping the Icon site is a treat. You learn about the Icon pee-proof panties and what makes them special. You also get information about many women’s health issues, personal essays by customers and friends of the company, and information about Icon’s work with global women’s health initiatives.

If that sounds like a lot for a company that makes panties, you will be pleasantly surprised at everything Icon has to offer. If you’re shopping for protective panties, you’re in luck. Even if you’re not, you’ll enjoying visiting their site.

What’s Different About Icon Underwear?

Icon was founded by the same group of women who created THINX,a line of period-proof underwear for women to use in place of tampons or pads. Many customers asked the company to come up with a similar line of underwear for women with bladder leakage. In response to this demand, they created the Icon line of incontinence panties for women.

Icon is based in New York City. You can buy their underwear directly from their website.

A Woman-Centered Business

Icon is aimed at presenting health information to women in a way that is empowering, with a focus on self-care. It encourages women to be upfront about their bodies and to talk about their issues without shame or embarrassment.

  • Icon uses natural products and promotes reusable underwear as a healthy and earth-friendly alternative.
  • The company uses top-quality materials and construction.
  • A portion of all proceeds is donated to pay for fistula surgeries for women in poor countries. Fistula is a bladder condition that causes incontinence and is easily remedied with surgery.
  • The company says that its factory uses environmentally sound processes and has ethical working conditions.
  • Icon’s employees at its Sri Lanka factory enjoy safe, comfortable working conditions along with health, education and promotion opportunities.
  • Icon features models of all ages, shapes and sizes. Their sizes go to 5XL.

A Healthy, More Natural Approach

Icon is committed to making underwear specifically designed to keep you safe and healthy. Their signature Pee-Proof Underwear stands out for several reasons:

  • The fabric contains no artificial dyes, fragrance or chemical agents. It’s gentle enough to wear on your most sensitive area.
  • The fabric contains natural anti-microbes that destroy bacteria.
  • Each panty is made with four layers of quick-drying material.
  • Icon has Oeko Tex 100 certification, which indicates that it only uses fabrics from organic and sustainable sources.
  • The panties are lightweight and silky with a close fit.

Lots of Great Styles

Icon’s pee-proof underwear is designed for ultra-light, light and moderate leakage. There is no need to buy a separate pad. The undies are made from moisture-wicking fabric that channels moisture into the gusset.

This design keeps Icon underwear dry all day. That’s not all, however. The panties also come in several great styles. Color selections include black, gray, beige, spice and light blue. The panty styles you can choose are:

  • High-waist.
  • Hip hugger.
  • French cut.
  • Bikini.
  • Thong

Special Edition Colors

In addition to their regular colors, Icon features two seasonal colors each year. For the spring and summer, the special-edition color was rose, a pale pink. For the winter season, the limited-edition color is midnight, a deep navy blue.

A Wealth of Advice and Information

Icon is not just a seller of women’s products. The company also provides a wealth of information about women’s health issues. On its Iconic blog, the section on health and body issues is titled Body Banter and its motto is, “We don’t believe in TMI.” That’s a signal that the site is going to speak frankly about all kinds of body issues, including incontinence.

What will you find? Among other goodies, you can read “A Holiday Food and Drink Guide for Leakers,” which is an invaluable guide to knowing what foods and beverages you should try, and which you should avoid, if you have incontinence. You don’t have to save this one for the holiday season. It’s a perennial.

There’s also an article on dealing with the common issue of leaking when you sneeze. This is especially helpful now, when it seems that we’re exposed to a lot of cold and flu bugs.

News and Features About Inspiring Women

In keeping with its woman-centered approach, the Icon blog is a great source of reading material about inspiring women. You’ll see articles about great women of the past and present along with interviews of, for instance, two women in their fifties who just opened a deluxe smoke shop in Greenwich Village and an essay by a woman who travels fearlessly and runs marathons despite her ever-present bladder problems.

Shopping for Icon Underwear

Are you intrigued enough to give Icon underwear a try? The company notes that buying their pee-proof underwear instead of using pantyliners is a healthy, planet-friendly choice that will save you money and time.

Where Can You Buy Icon Incontinence Panties for Women?

Right now, you can only buy the complete line directly from Icon.  If you prefer, you can place your order over the phone by calling 888-681-9840.  However, the bikini, hiphugger and hi-waist styles are currently available at Amazon.  You can check them out here.

The company is planning a grand opening of its first store in New York City. When the store opens, customers will have the option of setting up appointments for personalized shopping.

Choose Your Style

When ordering from Icon, you start by choosing your style of panty. You then select your color, size and absorbency level. The ordering system is easy and it walks you through every step.

There are ways to save money. Icon recommends that you buy a “panty pack” with the following discounts:

  • If you buy 3-4 panties, you get a 10% discount.
  • For 5 to 6 pairs, you get a 15% discount.
  • Buy 7 or more panties and get a 20% discount.

The packs don’t have to be all the same style and color. You can customize your panty pack to have a variety of styles, colors and absorbency levels.

Icon also offers a referral credit. Both you and a friend can get $10 off if you send a referral. Once your friend buys Icon undies, you get a $10 credit to use on your next purchase.

Conclusion-Icon is a Good Option for Plus-Size Incontinence Underwear

Icon is part of the new breed of company that is grounded in ethical, environmentally responsible manufacturing. Icon’s underwear is an environmentally friendly alternative to wasteful, disposable pantyliners.

Icon’s stated mission is to “create underwear that champions and supports bodies throughout different stages of life” while “breaking taboos around menstruation and bladder leaks.”

If that type of company appeals to you, you should check out the site and give their pee-proof panties a try. Icon offers a 30-day “dry run,” after which you can return the panties if you don’t like them.

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