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It’s been HOT!  Clothing, specifically undies, are on the minds of many of us.  How to stay as cool as possible, which I equate with comfort, occupies much of our time while deciding what to wear.  Cotton is still king, or maybe that should be Queen, when it comes to summertime panties and finding the most comfortable women’s panties on the market today.

Can I Vent For A Few Minutes?

I suspect this is something you’d like to vent about as well.  Let’s get it out of our system!

School started in my part of the U.S. over a week ago.  We still scratch our heads and wonder who thought it would be a good idea to begin the new school year in the beginning of August.  After all, we’re still in the throes of summer, and it’s hot. Really hot. And humid.

I teach in a building that has air conditioning in selected areas only.  Most of the building does not. I am not in one of the fortunate few spaces, so my room has been hovering around 84-85 degrees all day, every day.  Fill it with 25-30 students and the humidity level reaches 100% quickly and stays there.

If you’re in the U.S., trying to stay comfortable is likely your concern as well.

If you live somewhere on the southern portion of the globe, this lament will occupy your time soon!

So, How Do We Stay Cooler?

As much as I love the silky softness of nylon and lace, lots of us need something more absorbent. After all, damp bottoms and sweaty, rash-inducing bra bands aren’t conducive to anything but crabbiness.

Cotton to the Rescue

This is probably not new information to you, but it’s worth repeating.  Cotton absorbs and that helps you feel more comfortable. However, what if you remain hot and damp?  That’s not good for your body either. My best solution is to follow the advice below for gals with sensitive skin.

What if you’re sensitive?

Not everyone is.  But, if you are, be careful.  I know there’s lots of positive hype about moisture-wicking synthetic fibers, but know your situation.  Here are a few points to consider:

  • If you already know you are prone to yeast infections or UTIs, make sure that at least the crotch of your panties are cotton lined.
  •  Like the baby bear in Goldilocks, your panties shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. Too tight prevents good air circulation, which helps keep things balanced. Too loose and you have a problem with rubbing and irritation.  This can also cause discomfort and lead to more severe problems.
  •  It may go without saying, but I will anyway.  If you know you’re going to be in damp panties for an extended period of time, carry a spare pair.  If you’re in a situation like my current work situation, change your undies part way through the day.  If you’re working out, definitely change your undies if you’re not going directly home and into the shower.
  •  Many of you may want to use a perfume-free laundry detergent.  Some experts also warn against using bleach on your undies. Apparently, it can cause sensitivities.
  • If you absolutely must use bleach, make sure the machine is set for a second rinse after the bleach cycle.


If you wear shapewear, exercise a little caution during the hot days of summer.  Make sure the crotch is not too tight. And, make sure you have a cotton lining facing your body.

Underwear At Night

There are situations where this is necessary.  However, as much as possible, you should go underwear-free at night. It’s a health thing!

Going Commando

This might seem counterintuitive, but bear with me.  If you have sensitive, or even it you don’t, having snug, or synthetic fabric rubbing against sensitive body parts during the day, you stand a good chance of experiencing  irritation. Going commando every now and then is probably OK, but not on a daily basis. And during the heat of summer…no way!

What’s The Best?

The sexy stuff is wonderful, but in high temperatures, nothing says comfort like a pair of cotton briefs.  And by all means, they must have a comfortable waistband and legs that stay in place. So, who makes this answer to a “too hot” bottom?

My “Go To” panties on hot days are Bali Women’s Full-Cut-Fit Stretch Cotton Brief, style #2324.

I know, I know.  They definitely qualify as “granny panties,” but we’re talking something akin to survival mode here.  And for me, these are the most comfortable women’s panties I’ve found.

They are 90% cotton and 10% spandex so they have some give and rebound too.  The crotch is 100% cotton. They come in several soft pastel shades, black, and white.

As a plus, they are easy to find at a number of retailers, such as One Hanes Place, Target, Kohl’s and Target.  Of course, you will also find them on Amazon.

The price point is good, and you can often find them on sale.  Depending on the retailer, you’ll find them rated by customers from 4 to 5 stars.

If Full Briefs Will Not Meet Your Needs

Your perfect pair is out there.

Take a look at Bare Necessities.   Once there, click on “best selling” brands in the cotton panties category.  Jockey’s Plus Size Elance® French Cut Brief 3-Pack pops up.

I haven’t tried style #1485, but I have tried Jockey brand and found them to be a quality product.  These are rated 5 star and come in a variety of color options, with both solids and prints.

More Options

If you look at the best-selling styles with 4+ stars at Amazon, you’ll find bikinis, briefs and women’s boyshorts, among other options.  Thank goodness finding the panties you want and need to stay cool is simple.

Cooler Days Are On Their Way

Summer heat can really put a crimp in your day, especially if you don’t have access to air conditioned spaces.  You can take some of the discomfort out of the situation by planning ahead and wearing wonderful cotton panties.  And, once the heat wave has moved south, we can all pull out our lovely “fundies” and get back to the business of feeling georgeous!

Let Us Know In The Comments Below!

What’s your favorite lingerie “stay cool” tip?  We’d love to hear from you.  If you have a favorite brand or style you think should be added to this list, let us know.  We’re all in the same “summer heat” boat.  We girls need to share the knowledge with eachother!





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