Guide to 8 Best Plus Size Medium Impact Sports Bras

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We’ll be taking a look at seven wire-free and one underwire plus size sports bras in this review. The grouping includes a Champion, an Enell, two by Glamorise, two by Goddess, and two from Vanity Fair, Keep in mind that this review is based on the highest rated bras at a popular, and one of my favorite, online lingerie sites.

A Little Review

As you know, sports bras are available in three impact categories, low, medium, and high. These categories are based on the degree of movement your sport demands. But, it doesn’t stop there. Styles can come in underwire or wire-free options. And, if you’ve read Plus Size Sports Bras — Which Style Is Right For You?, you’ll also remember that sports bras are also offered as Compression, Encapsulation, or a combination of the two. Each review indicates which type the highlighted style falls into. So sit back, relax, and let’s find you a sports bra that you’ll really love.  And, if you’re looking for the review of 10 Best Plus Size High Impact Sports Bras, you can find it here.

Medium Impact Underwire

The single underwire in this review is an encapsulated style, #76500 by Vanity Fair. It features foam-lined cups so you’ll have a smooth shape and minimal bounce.

It’s available up to size 44DD and comes with convertible straps in pink with gray trim, black with gray trim, and solid white.

Fabric is a combination of nylon, polyester, and spandex.

Why consider this bra? This bra has a 3.5 star rating, but that number is a bit misleading. A couple of reviewers thought they were ordering a high impact bra, and another didn’t see the lined cups mentioned in the description.

Otherwise, this pretty bra appears to be very nice, but may run a little large. Check with the fit experts before you put this lovely bra in your cart to avoid any disappointment.

Plus Size Sports Bra

Medium Impact Wire-Free

Number one in this category is also by Vanity Fair. Style # 71500 has foam-lined encapsulation cups. It’s a pretty bra with rigid front straps that adjust in the back and can be converted to crisscross style.

Made of nylon, polyester and spandex. With nine reviews, this bra has a 5 star rating.

Why consider this bra? Hands down, all of the reviewers called this bra comfortable and excellent fitting. Who could ask for more? You! Besides running true to size, women who buy this bra also buy it for daily wear and own more than one.

Number two is offered by Enell. This very popular style is Style #101-5-8, and comes in European sizing. This range in US sizing would be from 42DDD to 52DDD.

This model has a front closure, compression fit style, and features inner cup slings for support. The design also includes wide, close-set straps to ensure an excellent stay-put fit.

Made of nylon and spandex, this moisture-wicking fabric will add to your sense of comfort. This model is available in black, white, beige, and pink.

Why consider this bra? With 10 reviews, this bra has a 4.5 star rating. Most reviewers found this bra very supportive. Remember, it’s rated for medium impact. Some even used it as the bra they wore while recovering from surgery. One reviewer felt that the cup slings help to separate the breasts and help give nice contours.

Number three is style #GD6910 by Goddess. This compression fit bra offers padded shoulder straps that prevent irritating shoulder discomfort. It’s available up to size 48I.

Made of nylon, spandex, and polyester, this model is available in white with gray trim and black with red trim. This Goddess has been give 4+ stars by 10 reviewers.

Why consider style GD6910? Reviewers agree that this bra keeps your breasts in place with very little movement. And, even though this bra is rated medium impact, one reviewer gave it 5 stars after running a ½ marathon.

This bra gets a lot of love from it’s reviewers, with many already owning more than one and others planning to add more to their sports bra collection very soon.

Number four by Champion is style #1602. Thin foam cups help you maintain your shape in this compression style bra. The comfort front straps are back adjustable, and the mesh inset in the front of the bra give a nice effect. It will also lend to the cooling effect of the polyester and spandex fabric.

This bra also has an inner pad lining of Polyurethane Film and the padding on the straps is made of silicone.

This Champion is available in black, white, heather gray, and a pretty multi blue combination. It has a 4+ star rating by 32 reviewers.

Why consider this bra? Comfort. Reviewers rave about how comfortable this bra is. They wear it not only for sports, but as a daily wear bra as well as a sleep bra. Most reviewers give it high marks for its level of support.

A few found that it can run a bit small. Check with your fit expert before placing your order.

Number five is by Glamorise. This model comes in sizes from 34C to size 50J. Model #1066 is a combination encapsulated and compression style. The front of the bra features mesh insets that allow for breathability.

Made of polyester, nylon and elastane, this moisture-wicking fabric will help keep you cooler and more comfortable.

This bra also comes in a larger than usual color selection. It’s available in black with pink trim, blue with black trim, solid beige, solid white, and gray with a pink and gray multi trim.

This model has been given a 4 star rating by 170 reviewers.

Why consider this bra? This bra is comfortable and gives good coverage and support. It also has a high neckline so it works great as a tank or camisole under other clothing.

This bra gets a lot of love from most of the reviewers. Those who gave it less than a 5-star rating did so because of special fitting issues and not for problems with the bra itself.

Number 6 is a compression style made by Goddess. Style #GD6911 has padded comfort front adjustable straps, and double layer anti-microbial cups.

It comes in sizes up to size 48I.

Available in a polyester, nylon, and elastane blend, your color choices include light gray with pink trim, and dark gray with turquoise trim.

Eleven reviewers have given this bra a 4 star rating.

Why consider the Goddess 6911? The reviewers call this an awesome, supportive, very comfortable bra. One reviewer even commented she’s never been able to go to the gym wearing just one bra before. This model provides her with all the support she needs and wants in a sports bra.

One reviewer gave this bra a lower rating because she needed something with a high level, not medium level of support. However, other reviewers gave this bra high marks for performance while participating in high impact activities.

Number 7 is Glamorise, model #1067. This compression style features mesh insets in the front and back strap areas along with comfort front straps with adjustable stretchy back straps.

The fabric is a combination of polyester, nylon, and elastane. The high neckline style comes in solid black and a black and white multi-print with black trim and black mesh insets .

This style can also be worn as a tank or camisole under other clothing. It’s available in sizes up to size 50H. It has been given 4 stars by 10 reviewers.

Why consider this Glamorise? It’s comfy, it fits well, is supportive, and the black and white multi- print is just too cute. This happens to be my go-to bra. Like several other reviewers, I’m in the process of ordering a couple more of this style.

Of course, fit is a personal thing, but I wear mine as daily wear too. It’s just that comfortable!

A Final Note

I hope this listing has given you some good options for your next sports bra. It’s not meant to cover everything available at this point in time. However, they are popular brands, and can be found at a number of retailers. Just search for the brand and style number.

Let Us Know In The Comments Below!

If you have a particular brand you’d like to see added to this list, or you have personal experience with one or more of the brands mentioned above, drop me a note below…I’d love to hear from you. As always, questions or concerns are also welcome.

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